Looking to the future, infrastructure will continue to play a pivotal role in economic and social development, more so as the networked economy becomes increasingly important, and society ever more dependent on the smooth running of a growing range of infrastructure services.

We took initiative in infrastructure developments such as partnering the development of Hassan Mangalore rail link, Private Rail siding to our mines in Chitradurga, Captive power line and so on. A few of our infrastructure projects are listed below.

In order to provide seamless rail connectivity for the movement of Iron Ore from the mining areas to the final destination, a private siding is developed to connect MEPL Mines to the main Indian Railways network. This Railway spur line was laid over 10.5 km and is called MMEC Siding.

Initiated, conceptualized and guaranteed cargo for setting up the PPP project with the Railways in India called Hassan Mangalore Rail Development Corporation ( HMRDC ) Ltd., a critical and only direct Rail link from the vast hinterland of Karnataka to the West Coast in Karnataka. This is the first venture in the country jointly promoted by the Central Govt, State Govt, New Mangalore Port Trust and MEPL.

Modern bulk cargo handling facilities at New Mangalore Port
MEPL commissioned a large multi-purpose mobile harbour crane to facilitate handling of all types of import-export cargos. A fully covered shed was also built to augment this activity.

In a project driven by M/s Mineral Enterprises Private Limited, New Mangalore Port Trust decided to construct a deep water berth, to facilitate much larger vessel sizes with a draft of up to 14m. The investment decision was taken based on MEPL cargo guarantees.